Frutas Seral The company was created in 1995, after making a thorough study of the needs of retailers and small businesses.

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All our products passed quality checks and are cared for from the moment they enter the store until the moment you leave.

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The corporate philosophy is to care for every product preserving natural resources, what is the same, our raw material.

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Telefono 24 h




Frutas Seral / Location


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GPS Location 40.959054,-5.728844



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Frutas Seral S.L.

Ciudad del Mercado, Modulos F 08 - 09

Ctra. C-517 KM 1.1 Salamanca - Vitigudino
37008 Salamanca


Teléfono: +34 (923) 923-232-170

Fax: +34 (923) 923-228-958
Email: frutasseral@hotmail.com

© Copyright 1995 – 2021 Frutas Seral S.L. All rights reserved.


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The Fruit Company LLC since 1995 Seral wholesalers of fruits and vegetables.


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